Antiviral Disinfection & Sanitisation

  • Very Quick Disinfection treatment – Fogging is very quick. A large van or bus can be completely decontaminated in approximately 2 minutes, a 36,000 square foot factory in just 30 minutes.
  • 360° coverage
  • Fast Drying
  • Competitive Pricing and exceptional value for money.
  • Suit­able for indoor (all sizes) or outdoor spaces, particularly useful for areas where crowds may have formed, such as stadiums, public venues etc.
  • Fogging produces fine par­ti­cles which can reach areas that tra­di­tion­al sprays cannot, therefore no need to remove any furniture.
  • We are flexible and work around your business.
  • We only use high graded covid-19 tested disinfectant.
  • No residue left behind.
  • No cross contamination

We can work around your business, and our processes are quick and effective.  Thus very little business interruption for you.

Our fogging disinfection & sanitisation process is suitable for all types of vehicles from abulance, public transport (buses, trains), HGV vehicles and taxi’s.

The quick drying process allows re-entry to a vehicle in around 30 minutes.

We certify our work and provide certificates as your proof of sanitisation should you need to demonstrate to authorities you have taken necessary steps to cleans your workplace.

Great for you

FREE SURVEY & QUOTATION  for your workplace.  Whatever the size of your commercial premises we can provide a written quotation for Antiviral Disinfection & Sanitisation.

Prevention is always better than reactive control measures.  The key to a safe environment is through lasting decontamination, don’t confuse this with cleaning alone.  The cleaning process involves scrubbing with soap and water, but this is not the ultimate action, cleaning will remove dirt and grime but applying a chemical to kill any remaining bacteria and viruses is the answer.   We have designed our service to mitigate the risk if infection and it allows your business to plan an ongoing hygiene program in order to give both your staff and your customers peace of mind.

Can be used in

  • Schools & Colleges

    Schools, Colleges, Adult Learning Centres

  • Industrial & Office

    Garages, Commercial Units, Office Units, Office Blocks

  • Hotel & Leisure

    Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B’s, Cinemas, Gym’s, Spa’s, Salons, Chalets, Caravans

  • Public Transport

    Planes, Trains, Buses, Taxi’s

  • Clinics & Surgeries

    Doctors, Dental, Vet

  • Shops & Shopping Centres

    Local Stores, Supermarkets, Shopping Arcades, Market Areas

  • Rental Venues

    Apartments, Student Accommodation, Landlord Properties/Tenancy Agreements

  • Restaurants & Cafe’s

    All types of food & drink venues